Hi all, 

This week I thought that I would share a genre of photos that brought a lot of joy to everyone on campus that I shared it with, old faculty headshots! 

One of the best surprises in the archives was finding boxes and boxes of photos of our faculty. A handful of our faculty members have been here since the early 90’s, and a handful long before that. I shared some of my favorites with my library coworkers, and when I came across an old blown up poster board cut out of a certain Hebrew Bible professor, the dean of the library took to a faculty meeting with him for fun. 

A commencement photo featuring Dr. Sweeney, Dr. Rogers, Dr. Black, and two f aculty that I don’t know. Can you name them?

An old photo of John Cobb

CST Graduate and Retired Professor, Jack Coogan

Do you have any old photos of current or former faculty that people might enjoy? Send them my way! 

In peace,