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When we first started thinking through how to best share the finds from the archives with the CST community, we were inspired by a photo submitted by Rev. Dr. Rhodes-Wickett. Along with the photo she also shared that, “the women declared a stomp out sexism day on campus 1973 or 74. We all wore our boots and put signs all over the campus”.

Photo Shared by Rev. Dr. Sharon Rhodes-Wickett (’78, ’81)

So, this week I thought I would share a few more photos of students around CST campus. The student photos were some of the hardest to catalog because so many of them didn’t have a year or any names attached. If you have some fun photos from your time at CST, please send them our way! 

From Professor Kathy Black: “I’m pretty sure I am the person in the top right in a striped sweater shielding my eyes from the sun talking to someone. It was from the early-mid 90s.”


Another Undated Photo of Students at Class Registration

Dr. F. Thomas Trotter and Dr. Jane Dempsey with Students on Campus

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