Hi all, 

In honor of working at the library, and in the archives, for more than a year now I want to take some time to highlight this place for all it’s pros (an incredible collection, the staff, the students) and cons (the heating and cooling system). 

One of my latest projects in the archives has been to go through the library central files. These are files of all the important documents about the library, but they haven’t been cleared out since at least the 1980’s!  

A few of my favorite finds have been library staff complaining about the same issues with the AC from as far back as 2002 and old photos of library staff that i’ve had the privilege to meet. I hope that you all can appreciate some of these gems too!

In peace, 


An excerpt from a Library Staff Meeting Report from the early 2000s

Photo of the original library construction project

Elaine Walker, retired CST Librarian

Betty Clements, Retired CST Librarian