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Kah-Jin Jeffrey Kuan
President, Professor of Hebrew Bible
(909) 447-2553
Maria Iannuzzi
Executive Assistant to the President
(909) 447-2552
Rev. Dr. Faith J. Conklin
Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook
Vice President for Academic Affairs;
Dean of the Faculty;
Professor of Practical Theology and Religious Education
(909) 447-2520
Israel Valenzuela
Director of Instructional Design & Online Program Development
(909) 962-6744
Dr. Duane Bidwell
Accreditation Liason Officer
(909) 447-6303
Nathan Araujo
Director of Admissions and Enrollment Services
Primary Designated School Official for International Students

(909) 447-2536
Brenda Nieves
Senior Director of Financial Aid and Enrollment Services
(909) 447-2504
Allura Davis
Assistant Director of Admissions and Enrollment Services
(909) 447-2503
Tanaya Ceniceros
Financial Aid and Enrollment Services Office Manager
(909) 447-6349
Belva Brown Jordan
Associate Dean for Curriculum & Assessment;
Associate Professor of the Practice of Ministry

(909) 447-2527
Jennie J. Allen
(909) 447-2502
Stephanie Rice
Director of the Writing Center 
(909) 447-2539
Lea Appleton
Associate Dean of Student and Community Life
(909) 447-2590
Christine W. Kang
Student Activities Coordinator
(909) 962-6741

Alma Hawkins-Johnson
Interim Director of Field Education
(909) 447-2534

Christine W. Kang
Career Services Coordinator

Lea Appleton
Disability Services Coordinator
(909) 447-2590

Ann Hidalgo
Title IX Coordinator
(909) 447-2518
Christine Whang
Diversity Officer
Tom Phillips
Dean of Library and Information Resources; Professor of Theological Bibliography and New Testament
(909) 447-2512
Debbie Ahlberg
Reference Librarian; Thesis Secretary
(909) 447-2516
Drew Baker
Head of Technical Services; Assistant Library Director
(909) 447-2513
Koala Jones
Circulation Librarian
(909) 447-2510
Ann Hidalgo
Acquisitions Librarian;  Title IX Coordinator
(909) 447-2518
Sharalyn Hamilton
Vice President for Advancement & Communications
(909) 447-2535
Les Lungren
Director of Alumni/ae 
Relations and
Annual Giving

(909) 447-2545
Kendra E. Fredrickson-Laouini
Director of Communications
(909) 447-2592
Wendy Cienfuegos
(909) 962-6757
 Cati Bennett
Administrative Coordinator
for Advancement and Communications
(909) 447-6361
Pam Nourse
Campus Scheduling Coordinator
(909) 962-6743
 Monalisa Siofele-Lolohea

Social Media Specialist
(909) 447-2592

Gamward Quan
Vice President for Business Affairs; Chief Financial Officer; Technology Management
(909) 447-2560

Haroon Ahmed
(909) 962-6762
Emma Torres
Payroll Clerk & Accounts Receivable
(909) 447-2563
Janice Hall
Bursar/Staff Accountant/Accounts Payable Associate
(909) 447-2562
Elisabeth Tsang
Staff Accountant
(909) 447-2561

Nicole Turner
Senior Director of Institutional Administrative Services
(909) 447-2566

Andrea Baker
Human Resources

Danny Soewito
Director of Administrative Computing
(909) 447-2567
Namjoong Kim
Director of Korean Doctoral Programs;
Assistant Professor of the Practice of Ministry

*Korean/English (Languages)

James Kocher
Facilities Manager
Office (909) 447-6339
Cell (909) 957-7143
Tonee Jordan
Administrative Assistant for Facilities
Mudd Theater Manager

Office (909) 447-2580
Cell (909) 560-0911
Damaso Barajas
Maintenance Technician
Jose Espinosa
Maintenance Technician
Montassar Laouini
Maintenance Technician