K. Samuel Lee

Edna & Lowell Craig Professor of Practical Theology, Spiritual Care, & Counseling

Dr. Lee is a practical/pastoral theologian who brings his pastoral experience and clinical expertise to his teaching. As an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church and a licensed psychologist, he is interested in the intersection of psychology and religion/spirituality as it pertains to pastoral practice and congregational life. His research interests include clinical and pastoral practice in multicultural contexts and the use of empirical methods in practical theology.

Lee is the Executive Director of The Clinebell Institute for Pastoral Counseling and Psychotherapy. He previously taught pastoral theology, pastoral care and counseling at Yale University Divinity School and Wesley Theological Seminary. He served as President of the Society for Pastoral Theology, and provided the leadership for the American Association of Pastoral Counselors and the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education to develop multicultural competencies standards.


B.A. – Westmar College

M.Div. – Yale University

Ph.D. – Arizona State University

Post-Doctoral Psychology Fellowship – Claremont University Consortium

Recent Publications / Achievements

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