Program Overview

The M.A. with a concentration in Theological Studies is a 48-unit degree with a track in Islamic Studies and Leadership.  This track provides room for students to personalize their studies to their own areas of interest.  The culmination of this degree is a summative exercise which usually takes the form of a Master’s thesis.

Islamic Studies and Leadership Track

The Islamic Studies and Leadership track strikes a careful balance between theory and practice for students interested in positions of leadership in Muslim contexts, particularly in North American Muslim communities.

The program requires courses in the Qur’an, Islamic philosophy, theology, history, jurisprudence, and spirituality as well as Arabic language to ensure a firm grounding in Islamic thought and practice.

Students can then customize their program to study contemporary issues in ethics, youth development, urban education, spiritual formation, immigration rights, non-profit leadership, and/or spiritual care, among others. The degree culminates with an exam in Arabic translation and communication, and a paper/project or master’s thesis.

Students in this program will be prepared for a variety of careers in public, private, religious and non-profit contexts that require grounding in the Islamic tradition.

BSF3006 Islamic Leadership and Spirituality3 units
BTS3000 The Qur’an: Composition, Collection and Teachings3 units
BTH3025 Islamic Theology and Philosophy3 units
BES3021 Islamic Law and Legal Theory3 units
BHS3013 History of Islam3 units
BMU3009 Arabic III*3 units
BMU3010 Arabic IV*3 units

*Students may take a proficiency exam in Arabic III and IV.
 Students who pass the exam take 6 additional units of free electives

TIR3001 Interreligious Dialogue and Leadership3 units


BIR3xxx Sunni-Shia Relations and Intra-faith Issues3 units
BIR3xxx Muslims in Dialogue with Christians3 units
Students can select courses from Claremont School of Theology, the Academy for Jewish Religion, California, University of the West, and Claremont Graduate University to customize their degree programs to their interests and contexts.
TIS3061 Integrative Seminar I – Spring semester first year1 unit
TIS3062 Integrative Seminar II – Fall semester second year1 unit


TIS3075 MA Research Colloquium I – Spring semester first year1 unit
TIS3076 MA Research Colloquium II – Fall semester second year1 unit
The summative exercise, such as a master’s thesis, major research paper, or project, as approved by one’s advisor, must be completed within the final 2 semesters of enrollment.

TOTAL – 48 units