About Us

The Writing & Speech Center, located in Craig 104, is available to all Claremont School of Theology students. If you have questions about any stage of your writing process, want help overcoming writer’s block or interpreting an assignment, or if you just want someone to tell you that what you have written makes sense (or not), feel free to make an appointment.

We offer consultations via telephone, Zoom video conferencing, and in person. You may also drop by the Writing Center when it is open, and we will help you if we are not already booked.

Upcoming Events

Fall 2018-Spring 2019

We have four tutors available this year to assist you with all of your writing needs! This year we are implementing a new Writing Group each semester, and will continue to host a Dissertation/Thesis/Project Bootcamp during the Winter Term. We are also regularly adding new instructional and tutorial videos, as well as helpful handouts in the Resources (Handouts & Videos) section of our website. Keep checking back for more videos and resources, and keep a lookout for emails on various events and opportunities.

Quick Links

Schedule an Appointment

The Writing and Speech Center offers appointments in three formats:

1. In-Person (at our center, Craig 104-A),
2. Online Videoconference (via Zoom), and
3. Teleconference. If your teleconference is with a tutor, please call 909-447-2556 at the beginning
of your appointment time.

There are three ways you can get help from the Writing Center:

CLICK HERE to make an appointment in advance using our online scheduling system.
You may also stop by and make an appointment in person.
You are welcome to drop in when we’re open and see if someone can work with you.
If you need to cancel an appointment, please do so online at least 24 hours in advance, so that another person can use that time slot.