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CST Welcomes Postdoctoral Scholar Phra Nicolas Thasnissaro

Phra Nicholas Thasnissaro is an ordained Buddhist monk in the Thai Theravada tradition and an Associate Fellow at his alma mater, The University of Warwick in the United Kingdom. Of UK origin, Thasnissaro was ordained 22 years ago and is currently connected to a temple in Azusa, CA where he teaches meditation. Thasnissaro has recently [...]

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New Vice President and New full scholarship M.Div. Program

새로운 부총장과 전액 장학금 M.Div. 과정 클레어몬트 신학대학원 대외협력 부총장에 오른 이종오 박사 취임 감사예배가 지난 7일 LA연합감리교회(담임 이창민 목사)에서 열렸다. 수많은 관계자가 모인 이 날 취임 예배에서 이종오 신임 부총장은 “명문 클레어몬트 신학교가 훌륭한 영적 지도자들을 많이 배출하여 신학과 목회분야에서 크게 공헌할 수 있도록 최선을 다하여 역할을 감당하겠다”고 소감을 말했다. 이종오 신임 부총장은 연세대학교에서 [...]

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2018 The Opening Gathering and Worship Service of Claremont Korean Students

2018 The Opening Gathering and Worship Service of Claremont Korean Students 클레어몬트 한인학생회 2018 개강예배 2018년 9월 27일, 클레어몬트 신학대학원 한인학생회 개강 예배가 열렸습니다. 40여명의 한인학생들과 가족들이 KRESGE CHAPEL에서 함께 모여 예배하고, 교제의 시간을 가졌습니다. 예배 설교자로 윌셔연합감리교회를 담임하시는 신영각 목사님께서 함께 해주셨습니다. 클레어몬트 신학대학원의 졸업생이신 신 목사님은 자신의 학문과 신앙의 여정에서 나오는 진솔한 메세지를 [...]

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FREE Online Digital Library

In the toolbox this month we feature our fully on-line, free and open access digital library established by CST along with a group of other seminaries. Our Open Access Digital Theological Library (OADTL) is a terrific FREE resource for students and alumni/ae. As of October 1, the OADTL provides advanced library discovery services for, and [...]

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Rhythms of Religious Ritual

On the CST Bookshelf this month: Rhythms of Religious Ritual: The Yearly Cycle of Jews, Christians, and Muslims written by CST’s Gerald H. Kennedy Professor of Homiletics and Liturgics, Dr. Kathy Black, and published by Claremont Press. Her book explores the religious cycles and calendars of the Abrahamic faiths and is an edited volume that [...]

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First Town Hall of the Year

On Tuesday, October 11, students, faculty, and staff gathered for CST’s first Town Hall meeting of the year to discuss recent updates on CST’s litigation and to hear from the staff and faculty of CST and Willamette University. President Kuan welcomed everyone and shared the purpose of the meeting, and our Vice President for Academic [...]

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New VP for International Relations

This month CST welcomed Dr. Jong Oh Lee as our new Vice President for International Relations. His coming was a dream realized for President Kuan, who has wanted to create such a position to advance the mission of the school around the globe. He said, “I have seen how such a position has benefited other [...]

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