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CST Alumnae Collaborate with President Kuan

“The United Methodist Church has a bright future with young theologians like Emily Nelms Chastain and Erin Grasse!” said President Kuan on his Facebook page. Erin, Emily, and President Kuan recently collaborated to write an article titled “The Multifaceted Nature of Progressive Theology,” for Emerging. Regarding the division within The United Methodist Church, the article [...]

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President Kuan on the Future of Global Methodist Education

President Kuan calls United Methodists to uphold the heritage of Wesleyan education and is supported by the United Methodist General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM). Read Greg Bergquist, Acting General Secretary of GBHEM's statement and President Kuan's paper on The Future of Global Methodist Education. 

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Congratulations to CST Alumna and Board Member

Congratulations to CST Alumna and Board Member, the Rev. Dr. Sharon Rhodes-Wickett, '78, '81, on her new appointment as the California-Pacific Conference’s Interim Executive Director of Connectional Ministries! Bishop Grant Hagiya, '77, '78, said, "Sharon brings such a wealth of ministry experience and wisdom that I am so excited that she has agreed to serve [...]

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LA KUMC 115th Anniversary 역사포럼: 미주 이민 사회와 기독교

북미 최초 한인 이민교회로 세워진 LA 연합감리교회(LA KUMC)는 창립 115주년을 맞아, 지난 8월 16일 의미있는 역사포럼을 개최하였습니다. “미주 이민 사회와 기독교”라는 주제로 개최된 이번 역사포럼은 미주 이민교회의 과거와 현재를 분석하고, 미래를 진단하기 위해 기획되었습니다. 이번 포럼에 발표자로 이덕주 교수(전 감신대 교회사), 김찬희(클레어몬트신학대학원 명예교수), 옥성득 교수(UCLA 아시아언어문화학과 한국기독교학과)가 초청되었고, 많은 현지 목회자들과 신학생들, LA KUMC 교인들이 [...]

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CST Sunday: Bell Memorial UMC 남가주 주님의 교회

2019년 8월 11일, 남가주 주님의 교회에서 CST Sunday 예배를 드렸습니다. 남가주 주님의 교회에서 담임 목회를 맡고 계시는 김낙인 목사님은 CST Alumnus로서 현재 클레어몬트 신학대학원 발전위원회 이사를 맡고 계십니다. 제프리 콴 총장께서 설교 말씀을 전하셨고, 이종오 부총장님과 Sue K. Park 목사님께서 학교 소식과 비젼을 교인들에게 전해주셨습니다. 차세대 영적 지도자들의 교육에 귀중한 헌금과 사랑으로 헌신해 주신 남가주 [...]

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CST Sunday: Zion KUMC 시온 연합감리교회

2019년 5월 19일, 시온연합감리교회에서 첫번째 CST Sunday 주일예배가 열렸습니다. 시온연합감리교회 담임목회자이신 오경환 목사님과 성도들은 따뜻하게 제프리 콴 총장과 CST 직원들을 환영해주었습니다. Jeffrey Kuan 총장께서 은혜로운 설교 말씀을 전해주셨고, 이종오 부총장께서 CST 학교 소개를 해주셨습니다. 특별히, CST 대학발전위원장 이신 김웅민 목사님께서 축도를 해주셨고, 특히 진현주 바이올리니스트께서 음악으로 예배를 위해 봉헌해 주셨습니다. 이날 시온연합감리교회 온 성도들은 차세대 [...]

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In Memoriam of Rev. Dr. Gwynne Guibord

It is with deep sadness that we received the news of the death of the Rev. Dr. Gwynne Guibord, ’99, Claremont School of Theology’s recipient of the 2010 Alumna of the Year award. Dr. Guibord, the founder and President Emerita of The Guibord Center – Religion Inside Out, died on August 15, 2019.  Gwynne was [...]

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In Memoriam of Rev. Dr. F. Thomas Trotter

It is with deep sadness and heartfelt appreciation that we at Claremont School of Theology (CST) acknowledge the life, legacy, and death of the Rev. Dr. F. Thomas Trotter, 93. Dr. Trotter died late Friday evening on July 26, 2019. The Rev. Patricia Farris, Chair of CST’s Board of Trustees, reflects, “Tom Trotter was a [...]

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New Book by Roland Faber

The Ocean of God conveys the proposition that the future of religions, if they will not want to contribute to the destruction of humanity, will become transreligious. Based on the assumption that the spiritual impulse of humanity cannot simply be eradicated, religiosity will persist in transreligious forms, as secularizations, naturalizations and transhumanist dreams only envision such [...]

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CST Students and Alumni/ae Excel

CST students and alumni/ae continue to be recognized for their scholarship and potential. Congratulations to four of our Ph.D. students on their honors: Aizaiah Yong and Saul Barcelo received 2019-20 HTI/Lilly Dissertation Fellowships, Jessica Chapman received an FTE Fellowship Award, and Clemette Haskins was a selected participant in the Wabash Teaching Seminar for Doctoral Students. [...]

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