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I’m back this week, hopping forward in time to our move to Claremont in 1957. From my time reading through all of the correspondence that was saved from the 1950s, I learned all about the politics and personalities behind the move to Claremont (but trust me, it’s a lot less exciting than one might expect). 

Earl Cranston, the Dean who oversaw the move from USC to Claremont during the 1950s

Hidden away in the archives were countless photos of the empty lot where CST now stands, the ground breaking, the grand opening, and even some blueprints. For the first few years in Claremont, our school operated out of Claremont United Methodist Church and borrowed classroom space from the Claremont Colleges. It wasn’t until 1959 that we actually had classes on our current campus, and it wasn’t until years later that all of the buildings on campus were finished!

The Claremont Groundbreaking in 1957

While going through the archives I really got to watch the campus in Claremont grow over the years. I had the chance to see the construction of the campus chapel, Mudd Theater, the library, and more. So, this week I hope that you will appreciate a few photos from the very beginning of our time in Claremont! 

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Bishop Gerald Kennedy and the First STC (CST) President, Ernest Cadman Colwell, at the Groundbreaking Ceremony in 1957

Colwell, Kennedy, and Unnamed Faculty at the Groundbreaking Ceremony

Dean Earl Cranston’s Shovel from the First Cornerstone Laying in 1959