Ph.D. student

Currently I am a student in the Comparative Theology and Philosophies program. I could not have chosen a better program.  My educational endeavors and journey would not have been realistic nor possible without the scholarship awarded to me by CST.

Dr. Andrew Dreitcer showed me how a person’s beliefs physiologically shape his or her brain. I learned and am implementing spiritual practices that would shape my mind in ways that would allow me to function optimally as God would have it.

“I appeal to anyone able to support and invest in a student at CST to do so; the world will tell of its impact.”

Because of my ability to attend CST, I believe Africa will benefit from it. I intend to take my knowledge in Neuroethology and comparative studies to the continent and hope to develop a people growing in awareness of God’s love and peace.

Being able to go to school without having the burden of wondering how you would pay your school fees and feed your family allows time and opportunity for one to be a proper scholar.