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The High and Low (Temperatures) of Working in a Theological Library

Hi all,  In honor of working at the library, and in the archives, for more than a year now I want to take some time to highlight this place for all it’s pros (an incredible collection, the staff, the students) and cons (the heating and cooling system).  One of my latest projects in the archives [...]

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Meeting Howard Clinebell in the Archives

Hi all,  This week I want to highlight an incredibly influential former CST faculty member, Howard Clinebell. He is the namesake behind the Clinebell Center here at CST and he pioneered a new approach to pastoral counseling. Although Dr. Clinebell passed away in 2005, his legacy is nonetheless still present on campus.  Photo of [...]

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A Pacifist, a Seminary Student, and a Photocopier

Hi all,  Since I finished the bulk of archives sorting in May, Maggie (my boss) and I have been working on “cleaning up” the rest of the boxes scattered around the "rare books room" shelving. Many of the boxes are collections of papers from theologians, pastors, bishops, and centers that stored their work at CST [...]

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“Stomping Out Sexism” CST Students Through the Years

Hi all,  When we first started thinking through how to best share the finds from the archives with the CST community, we were inspired by a photo submitted by Rev. Dr. Rhodes-Wickett. Along with the photo she also shared that, "the women declared a stomp out sexism day on campus 1973 or 74. We all wore our boots and [...]

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Claremont School of Poetry?

Hi all,  This week I thought I would share something that I certainly wasn’t expecting to come across when I sat down to sort the CST archives. Did you know that at least two of our presidents, and one faculty member, tried their hand at poetry over the years? Our first president, Ernest Cadman Colwell, [...]

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Keeping Ourselves Entertained “!”

Hi all, One of the ways in which I would entertain myself while digging through the more correspondence heavy (aka boring) sections of the archives, was by pulling out the funny, surprising, and generally unexpected finds and sharing them with friends, family, and mostly my boss, Maggie. We developed a system of leaving the best [...]

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Pushing Boundaries of Theological Education

Hi all,  With the start of the semester creeping up on us, I thought that I should take the blog all the way back to the start of our first ever semester in Claremont! One of the first people that I “met” in the Archives was CST’s first President, Ernest Cadman Colwell. Colwell was our [...]

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Throughout the Years: Appreciating the Beauty

Hi all,  I thought that this week I might share something a little bit different. Instead of looking back at a specific moment in time, how about looking at a specific place throughout the years? Some of my favorite photos have been of the chapel (I mean, can you blame me? It’s beautiful)!  When I [...]

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