Portraits of Jewish Learning

On the CST Bookshelf we feature a recent Wipf and Stock Publishers book, Portraits of Jewish Learning: Viewing Contemporary Jewish Education Close-In, edited by CST Board Member, Dr. Diane Tickton Schuster. Portraits of Jewish Learning looks at the ways Jewish students today are learning in day school classrooms, Hebrew programs, synagogue-based schools, and high school [...]

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Rhythms of Religious Ritual

On the CST Bookshelf this month: Rhythms of Religious Ritual: The Yearly Cycle of Jews, Christians, and Muslims written by CST’s Gerald H. Kennedy Professor of Homiletics and Liturgics, Dr. Kathy Black, and published by Claremont Press. Her book explores the religious cycles and calendars of the Abrahamic faiths and is an edited volume that [...]

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New Book from CPS Director

New from the Executive Director of the Center for Process Studies, Wm. Andrew Schwartz, The Metaphysics of Paradox: Jainism, Absolute Relativity, and Religious Pluralism. Andrew says, “I enjoy asking ‘big questions’ about the kinds of things we usually just take for granted. That's what this book does. I wanted to push myself to a new [...]

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Current Student/Alumnus and Professor Collaborate on Book Chapter

Current Ph.D. student and alumnus Jason Mitchell, M.A. ’15, partnered with Professor Deepak Shimkhada to write a chapter for Lavanya Vemsani’s edited volume, Modern Hinduism in Text and Context. Jason and Dr. Shimkhada’s collaboration on “Sacred Groves: The Playground of the Gods” began three years ago when Jason was one of Dr. Shimkhada’s students. Dr. [...]

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Student and Professor Put Together an Edited Volume

Ph.D. student and alumnus Andrew Davis, M.A. ’13, and Dr. Philip Clayton partnered to put together How I Found God in Everyone and Everywhere: An Anthology of Spiritual Memoirs, a book featuring renowned spiritual leaders from across traditions – including our own John Cobb and Marjorie Suchocki! Other contributors include Deepak Chopra, Ilia Delio, Richard [...]

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Students and Professors Collaborate in Book Projects

This month on The CST Bookshelf we find publications produced by students and professors in collaboration with one another. First, current Ph.D. student and alumnus Jason Mitchell, M.A. ’15, and adjunct professor Dr. Deepak Shimkhada partnered to write a chapter titled “Sacred Groves: The Playground of the Gods” in an upcoming book on modern Hinduism. [...]