CST Works Toward a Smooth Transition Year

With the signing of the Affiliation Agreement with Willamette University last May and the welcome of Claremont School of Theology to Salem in August, CST staff and faculty are working to make this transition year as smooth as possible for everyone – especially the students and staff. An Affiliation Committee comprised of five people from [...]

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CST’s Partnership with the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab Broadens Student Experience

CST is proud to partner with the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab (CIL) a think tank that supports research, teaching, and the provision of spiritual care in a range of settings. CIL kicked off its three-year Educating Effective Chaplains Project at Boston University last summer where attendees were welcomed by CST alumna Mary Elizabeth Moore, BU’s Dean [...]

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CST Seeks to Grow and Expand Vision

Because we see engaging our alumni/ae in a lifelong, mutually beneficial relationship as essential to supporting our mission, we have commissioned Performance Enhancement Group of Houston to conduct a study to help us grow and expand our vision. So far, we have held seven focus group meetings of alumni/ae and friends to help us design [...]

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CST and WU Community Members Offer Multiple Approaches to Supporting Migrants

For decades, people in the CST community have supported migrants. Our students, alumni/ae, staff, and faculty continue to advocate through civic engagement, calls for immigration reform, and by supporting migrants spiritually, emotionally, physically, and even in the courtroom. Last year, CST officially denounced US immigration policies that divide families and abuse children and opposed the [...]

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한인학생 장학금 수여식 (Korean Scholarship Award Ceremony)

클레어몬트신학대학원(CST) 2019년 가을학기 한인장학금 수여식이 지난달 29일 JJ Grand Hotel에서 열렸습니다. 미주한인교회와 성도들의 헌신으로 설립된 Korean Endowment Fund (KEF)와 Korean Leadership Scholarship (KLS)에서 총 24만 달러가 마련돼 13명의 한인학생들에게 장학금이 전달되었습니다. KEF는 지난 1992년 당시 CST총장 밥 에드가 박사와 고 박대희 목사가 중심이 돼 2년 내 200만 달러를 조성할 것을 목표로 하여 첫해 43만7000 달러의 기부 약정을 받았습니다. 그 후 2005년에는 한인장학기금 설립 10주년을 맞아 총 154명의 한인장학생들에게 42만 달러의 장학금을 전달하기도 했습니다. 현재 KEF는 192만3853달러가 KLS에는 39만2435달러가 [...]

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2019 한인학생회 개강예배 (Opening Worship Service of KSA)

클레어몬트 신학대학원(Claremont School of Theology) 한인학생회(Korean Student Association)는 2019 가을학기를 맞아 Kresge Chapel에서 개강예배를 드렸습니다. 이번 개강예배에는 한인 재학생과 가족, 2019년 신입생을 포함하여, 현지 미국 학생들과 국제 학생들, 교수와 직원들도 참여하여 총 80여명이 참석하였습니다. 개강 예배 설교자로 초청된 류재덕 목사(밸리연합감리교회 담임)는 클레어몬트 신학대학원 신약학 박사과정(Ph.D.)을 공부한 CST동문으로서, “신앙, 맞설 때 비로소 알게 됩니다.”(사무엘상 17:41-45)라는 제목으로 설교 말씀을 나누었고, 성만찬을 집례하였습니다. 류재덕 목사는 동문이자 선배 목회자로서 한인학생회와 지속적으로 교류하고, 후원할 것을 [...]

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Willamette University Welcomes Claremont School of Theology

Last month, Willamette University officially welcomed CST to the community and students began coursework on both the Salem and Claremont campuses. The welcome at Willamette included the planting of three olive trees as a symbol of friendship, a welcome ceremony with state and university dignitaries, new student orientation, a welcome event and CST Sunday at [...]

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CST Launches NEW PhD in Contextual Theologies Program

This Spring, in collaboration with Chang Jung Christian University in Tainan, Taiwan, CST developed a Global Ph.D. in Contextual Theologies program. The 48-unit program, intentionally mindful of the deep connection between the church and seminary, strives to give students broad and interdisciplinary training that equips them as theological educators. Students in the Global Ph.D. program [...]

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CST Alumnae Collaborate with President Kuan

“The United Methodist Church has a bright future with young theologians like Emily Nelms Chastain and Erin Grasse!” said President Kuan on his Facebook page. Erin, Emily, and President Kuan recently collaborated to write an article titled “The Multifaceted Nature of Progressive Theology,” for Emerging. Regarding the division within The United Methodist Church, the article [...]

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