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We have been going through the archives and digging up some treasures, and we would love to hear from you! If you have a picture or story to share please leave us a note here or email publicrelations@cst.edu or call (909) 447-6361.


Mudd, Theater, Film, and Theology

Hi all,  This week I want to look back on another part of the CST campus that has been highly influential throughout the years, Mudd Theater.  Construction for the Seeley G. Mudd Communications building began construction in 1971. After two years of construction the building was dedicated on April, 28th [...]

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Making Community at CST

Hi all,  This week I’ve decided to focus on some more of my favorite photos from the archives, student photos. As finals loom closer, PhD application timelines shrink, and we as students just generally realize that we only have a handful of weeks left in the semester, I have found [...]

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Inter and Intrareligious Engagment

Hi all,  What drew me to CST was the firm commitment to both interreligious and ecumenical engagement not only in name, but in action as well. This has been an explicit commitment for the past 10 years or so, but in the archives I discovered that it has been something [...]

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