Written with church small groups in mind, Sustaining Hope in an Unjust World is a resource for persons committed to working for a more just world and includes discussion questions at the end of each chapter.

Timothy says, “While I combine process and liberation theologies in addressing these issues, I wanted it to be accessible to people without a theology degree. So if people want to go deeper, there are plenty of resources listed for further reading,” Murphy explains. “I’ve even included several fun quizzes for people to try; it’s not all dour and grim!”

One of Murphy’s recommendations will be familiar to church folk: community matters, deeply. He writes, “Individuals can be crushed. It’s harder to kill movements…I know I would have given up a long time ago without the witness of so many other people who have shaped me. We give each other strength, showing that this world of both joy and pain is still worth fighting for, come what may.”

“Even in the face of seemingly invincible oppression, it is enough to keep alive the dream that another world is possible. This is the power of a community’s vision over time.”  

Describing movements, wins and setbacks, discipleship for our day, and a vision of God that journeys with us with no other assurances beyond “You are precious in my sight” and “I will be with you,” Murphy invites readers to find hope and press on in their witness.

Timothy Murphy is a minister-scholar-activist and a 2014 CST alumnus. He is the former Executive Director of Progressive Christians Uniting, a faith and social justice organization based in southern California and has served as an adjunct professor here at CST teaching classes in Religion and Politics. Having served in various congregational and ministry settings with the Disciples of Christ and United Church of Christ, he was recently called as Senior Pastor of Plymouth Congregational Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He has given presentations to congregations on how to connect the gospel with social justice efforts and is also the author of Counter-Imperial Churching for a Planetary Gospel.

Pre-orders of Sustaining Hope in an Unjust World are available now and will ship in early 2019.