Thank you to CST’s incredible library staff for making scholarly content freely accessible to a global audience. In cooperation with librarians from other seminaries, the CST librarians led the development of the world’s first entirely open-access library in religious studies, boasting more than 180,000 e-books and hundreds of thousands of articles. The Open Access Digital Theological Library’s (OADTL) mission is to make all content discoverable to the global community through a single curated search experience, and in just its first semester of use, we have had 15,000 unique users logging in regularly in over 130 countries.

The library is free for any user anywhere in the world. Further, our library team has been working to promote Claremont School of Theology by publishing scholarly books through the library, and by working to make this scholarship widely available. Our data shows our content is being used aggressively even in the first month of its appearance in JSTOR Open Access. CST books had over 1,600 uses between mid-April (when they began appearing) and the end of May.

CST’s Dean of Library and Information Services, Tom Phillips, said, “We are very pleased with that exposure of our content. I, the library, Claremont Press, and the CST administration all share this ethical commitment to Open Access publishing. Therefore, we flipped our existing titles to Open Access, making our books freely available to everyone in the world via the internet. We distribute our content through JSTOR, the leading distributor of academic content in the humanities, as our delivery system. We will publish all future titles in Open Access, meaning they will be available through the free web and also available in print through Amazon and through the leading library distributor (YBP).”

Dr. Phillips went on to explain that CST’s rationale for Open Access publishing is three-fold: social and economic justice, brand recognition for CST, and, increased print sales. Even though it sounds counterintuitive, studies conclude that Open Access titles actually sell more print copies than similar books which are not Open Access.

If you have a topic about which you are passionate and which you want to bring to the attention of students and scholars, contact Dr. Phillips about publishing a volume of your work.