CST Professor Grace Yia-Hei Kao is the co-editor of Asian American Christian Ethics: Voices, Methods, Issues, a new book by Baylor University Press released this month. The text features twelve Christian ethicists of Asian descent who, as Dr. Kao writes, “identify the purposes and chart the contours of what constitutes a distinctly Asian American Christian ethical approach to moral concerns.” Topics range from traditional concerns of Christian ethics to those “of special interest to Asian Americans,” a spectrum that includes gender, sexuality, racial identity, immigration, the environment, and cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Kao, a founding member and original co-convener of the Asian and Asian American Working Group of the Society of Christian Ethics, says, “We eagerly look forward to the church, the academy, and the Asian American community challenging—and being challenged by—the claims we make in our book. We also hope to inspire more scholars to do the ongoing work of Asian American Christian ethics with us.”