Kendra Fredrickson-Laouini was recently named Director of Communications for CST. As a lifelong United Methodist and CST student with a B.A. in Communications, an M.A. in Interreligious Studies, and current Ph. D. research focusing on interreligious relations, Kendra is committed to the vision and mission of CST. She said,

“I believe in the kind of theological education CST offers, and I am deeply grateful to serve CST in this capacity. To be able to share the work of CST students, professors, and alumni/ae and to promote Claremont School of Theology’s unique approach to teaching, learning, and leading is a blessing.”

Kendra was also recently named to serve on the Interreligious Table of the National Council of Churches along with President Kuan who is serving in his second term. Kendra may be reached at and looks forward to hearing your stories.