Guide for Compassion-Based Activism

Hot off the press, this article from Dr. Rogers is actually a chapter in an upcoming book, Public Theologies of Activism and Resistance, which will be released in November. Through story, Dr. Rogers identifies twelve principles that invite “a compassion-based activism that fights for justice while loving our opponent,” and he develops a compass with eight coordinates to help us navigate situations of violence or violation. Lucky for us, he’s shared the full chapter in advance of its publication!

Dr. Rogers says, “A compass is something we consult when we are lost or disoriented. It helps us get our bearings, the needle pointing due north. For the needle to move freely, the compass must be balanced, its magnetic forces held in an equilibrium. Eight coordinates circumscribe the compass of compassion-based activism, each one held in creative tension with another that must be balanced for the needle directing us to move freely.”

For a PDF of the article, click here.