Phra Nicholas Thasnissaro is an ordained Buddhist monk in the Thai Theravada tradition and an Associate Fellow at his alma mater, The University of Warwick in the United Kingdom. Of UK origin, Thasnissaro was ordained 22 years ago and is currently connected to a temple in Azusa, CA where he teaches meditation. Thasnissaro has recently been signed by the publisher Peter Lang to rework his doctoral research on Buddhist teenagers into a book titled The Intuitive Buddhist to be completed by 2020.

Next semester Thasnissaro will teach Living Buddhism, an online course of interest to non-Buddhists at CST (and our partners) who want to learn something about Buddhism. Thasnissaro has published more than twenty academic studies of Buddhists’ religion and education through the lenses of Jungian personality type and attitude mapping and is hoping to gain part-time experience teaching on emic approaches to Buddhism and Jungian analysis of Buddhist practice.

Some of his publications can be found and Academia.