As a CST employee, past or present, you are one of the School’s greatest ambassadors. In fact, we know that our increase in student enrollment is specifically due to word-of-mouth advocacy from faculty, staff, and alumni/ae.

Now, through the “I believe…” initiative, you can play an even larger role in the life of the School. We invite you to learn more about the Office of Advancement and discover how, with other faculty and staff members, you can help ensure CST continues to create a difference for the world we live in.

“I Believe in CST Because…”

The Faculty and Staff Giving campaign

As CST faculty and staff, you invest your time and talent in the School and our students, every day. By including philanthropy in your contribution, you demonstrate your belief in our vision as a Methodist-founded school devoted to ecumenical and interreligious education. Your support is also a vote of confidence in our mission to create a difference for the world we live in.

Please join your colleagues by making a gift today to the CST Annual Fund or to the cause that most appeals to your giving goals. Faculty and staff participation plays an important role in ensuring the School’s success. Corporations and foundations consider faculty and staff giving rates when determining their own level of support for CST.

“I donate monthly because I believe in what CST stands for. From the beginning, CST has promoted a culture of dignity and inclusivity. Every voice is honored, every person respected, every religious tradition welcomed and celebrated. In a world where divisiveness, denigration, and violence – much in the name of religion – are destroying the bonds that bind us together, communities like CST are sanctuaries of hope and inspiration; exploring how the world’s spiritual traditions, working arm in arm, can promote peace, compassion, and a just world for all.”

~ Dr. Frank Rogers

“The intentionality of my giving is the result of DNA. By words and by examples, generations of my extended family have taught that we must support – consistently and however possible – the people, causes, and institutions that have meaning in our lives. The School’s mission aligns with my personal belief that theological education should promote the common good. CST has indeed added meaning to my life and so, as the ancestors taught, I give my thanks and my support.”

~ Elaine Walker, CST Librarian (ret).

Ways to Give

You may make your gift through our online giving page

Payroll Deduction
Give conveniently through an ongoing payroll deduction by completing this form and bringing it to Rosa Valentine, Database Manager in the Office of Advancement & Communications

By mail
If you wish to send a personal check by mail, print, fill out, and send this form with your personal check or credit card information included. Please make checks payable to Claremont School of Theology and send to:

Claremont School of Theology
Office of Advancement and Communications
1325 N. College Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711-9967

Whether you want to talk about making monthly donations or have questions about Planned Giving, the Office of Advancement is always available to answer your questions.

Contact Sharalyn Hamilton, VP for the Office of Advancement and Communications
at 909-447-2535 or or

Matching Gifts
Another easy way to increase your impact and maximize your personal giving to CST is to find out if your spouse’s employer has a corporate matching gifts program. That could double or even triple your contribution!

Why Does My Gift Matter?

Does my gift really make a difference?
The more people who choose to give, the greater our collective impact. You can also check to see if your spouse’s employer has a matching gifts agreement for not-for-profit institutions. And CST is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all gifts are tax-deductible.

I work at CST; why should I also give money to the university?
It’s a vote of confidence in all of us! It lets your colleagues, our students, and the greater community know that you believe in what we are doing to create a difference for the world we live in. Additionally, when we ask corporations and other institutions to consider investing in CST, one of the key factors considered is the level of faculty and staff giving commitments.

Students pay tuition. Why does CST need charitable support?
The amount of money our students pay in tuition does not completely cover the cost of their education.