Rev. Hannah Dreitcer and her father, CST Professor Andrew Dreitcer, partnered to write a week of devotions titled “An Easter People” for The Upper Room’s Disciplines: A Book of Daily Devotions 2018. One reader, so encouraged by one of the readings sought out Hannah, writing her saying, “I have never searched for a Disciplines author before but needed to this morning “Your message is a day-brightener-home alone-challenge. I am an 83-year-old widow, and I thank you and Andrew, for the past week’s meditation writings. Keep on helping others keep our senses alive. Because He lives, we too may live!”

Dr. Dreitcer said of their writing process, “We talked about the tone, theme, and direction of each piece. Then Hannah did the first draft, since she’s eloquently pastoral and generally spot on with these things (more easily than I am). I edited (though they needed almost no edits) and added a few bits and/or suggested changes for her to incorporate. Fearing the preacher’s sin of being too wordy, we aimed for few words, the minimum number assigned. Ironically, the editors asked us to expand the pieces, so after some more conversation, it went to Hannah to add more content. I don’t think I did another edit.”

Hannah explained, “We enjoyed meditating on the scriptures for this week together, and finding the good news to share with others. “

“An Easter People” covered the April 2 through April 8 devotions, following Easter on April 1, 2018.