On Tuesday, October 11, students, faculty, and staff gathered for CST’s first Town Hall meeting of the year to discuss recent updates on CST’s litigation and to hear from the staff and faculty of CST and Willamette University.

President Kuan welcomed everyone and shared the purpose of the meeting, and our Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty, Rev. Dr. Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook, shared some of the things that both CST and WU have been doing for the future of all their students – stating their priority is to take care of students and assure that units are transferred, and that those preparing for graduation are able to fulfill all requirements during this transition.

Lea Appleton, CST’s Disability Services Officer and Dean of Student & Community Life, together with Christine Kang, Assistant Dean of Student & Community Life, provided a slideshow of their recent visit to WU and some of the beautiful sights of Salem, Oregon, together with campus services available to its students.

Current CST students were introduced to a few of the officers for WU Academic Affairs and given the opportunity to ask questions both in person and online – giving many the opportunity to explore how CST’s possible move would not only benefit WU, but also provide more resources to our CST community.