How do I apply for housing?

May 1st is the priority deadline for applying for fall housing for Claremont School of Theology and Bayan Claremont students. Student must submit both a reservation request and a housing application fee to be considered for housing (see the process below). Housing priority is offered to full-time (9-units) students who are actively enrolled at Claremont School of Theology or Bayan Claremont. Priority is determined as follows:

1) International students 2) First-year students 3) Other full-time students

The process:

Fill out the Housing Reservation Request form on the CST website .

After you submit this form, you will need to pay the nonrefundable $60 Housing Application Fee; please select “Housing Application Fee on the drop-down menu when you pay.

CST currently only provides commuter housing.


How do I obtain commuter housing?

Commuter housing is for current CST students only. It is a shared space, with shared baths, shared kitchens, and the chance you may have a roommate. We have 8 beds total available in commuter housing, which is located in East Housing. You must bring your own bed linens, pillows, and towels for commuter housing, and you are not permitted to store any linens or towels in the closets due to health code. To reserve commuter housing, you must fill out a Commuter Housing Reservation Form (available in the rack outside of the Housing Office). Reservations are taken on a semester-by-semester basis; there may be beds available mid-semester but space is not guaranteed. Payments are due in advance or at the time of check in. There are no refunds for nights not stayed.

Do you assign roommates?

CST does not assign roommates, but we encourage new students to use the incoming student Facebook group for your class to connect with other students who might also be looking for a roommate. If you are not a part of that group, please email CST Admissions ( for more information.

What kind of lease will I sign for housing?

Most leases are standard running until May 31st. No matter when you move in, the standard lease will still end on May 31st. Students who are graduating in December (and have a letter from the Registrar to verify this) also have the option to sign a shorter lease which ends on December 31st without paying the increased rate for a shortened lease term. Other residents who want a shortened lease through December but are not graduating can sign one at the cost of the applicable monthly rental rate plus an extra $50 per month in rent. Residents also have the option to sign a month-to-month lease. This lease provides more flexibility for moving out, but lessees must pay $100 more in rent per month.

What is the process for move-in?

Incoming residents will schedule a check-in date within normal business hours to sign all necessary paperwork, pay all applicable fees, and receive any keys. Once all check-in procedures have be met appropriately, tenants will be able to move all items into their assigned apartments. Do you pro-rate rent upon move-in? Yes; rent will be prorated proportionally for the month when you move in (for example, if you move in halfway during the month, you will pay half a month’s rent for that first month). The months following check in will be billed at the applicable monthly rental rate and will need to be paid on or before the 3rd day of each month.

Is the second half of the security deposit due at the time of move-in?

Yes; residents who pay half of their security deposit as a Housing Reservation Fee to confirm their housing assignment will be required to pay the second half on or before the time of check in.

What is the process for move-out?

In order to move out before a lease has expired, residents must give a 30-day notice in writing to the Housing Office and pay a lease breakage fee equivalent to one month’s rent. If a resident chooses not to renew his/her lease, s/he must submit a 30-day notice to vacate and will have until the end of the lease term to move out from the apartment. Before checking out, residents must make an appointment with the Housing Office to schedule a check-out meeting where they will return all keys, laundry cards, provide a forwarding address, and pay all outstanding balances. Maintenance will walk through apartments within 24 business hours from the date of resident check-out. Once any and all damage beyond wear and tear has been assessed, the Housing Office will issue a check request for security deposit refund. Note: any damages that require a deduction of the security deposit will be captured in a letter of explanation to the former resident(s).

Where can I view a floor plan?

You can see floor plans for the different housing areas on the CST website.

What comes in an apartment?

Studio apartments are equipped with a ¾ sized refrigerator and a ¾ sized stove over. One, two and three bedroom apartments are equipped with a full-size refrigerator and a full-size oven and stovetop in the kitchen, as well as an HVAC unit (heating and air conditioning). The bathroom is equipped with a shower-bath. There are no furnishings included in the apartment.

Can I have other people living in the apartment?

Residents are allowed to have other people living in the apartment with them (e.g. partners, children, roommates). However, there is a maximum capacity for each apartment size, listed below (capacities include the primary lessee): Studio: 1 person 1 Bedroom: 3 people 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom: 4 people 2 Bedrooms, 2 Kitchens, 2 Living Rooms, 2 Bathrooms: 6 people 3 Bedrooms: 6 people Am I allowed to have pets? Any animals or pets must be approved by the Housing Office. You will be required to pay a nonrefundable pet fee ($250 per pet) and to sign a Pet Agreement. Cats and dogs must be neutered or spayed, and dogs must not weigh more than 75 pounds. All animals must be current on immunizations. Please inquire if you have questions about other types of animals.

Do the apartments have Wi-Fi?

CST Wi-Fi is provided for all on-campus apartments. This Wi-Fi is provided free of charge as a complimentary service by CST; it is not, however, a condition of the lease. If you find that the CST Wi-Fi does not meet your needs, you can go through Verizon to purchase your own Wi-Fi service.

Do the apartments have cable?

CST apartments are not wired for coaxial cables, so residents cannot purchase cable TV service. However, we do allow satellite TV. Students may contract with DirecTV for satellite TV service but are required to file a Satellite Authorization with the Housing Office before installation occurs.

Do the apartments have landline telephone service?

Tenants can go through Verizon to purchase their own landline telephone service for their apartments.

Are all floors of the on-campus housing buildings accessible?

There are two elevators in North Housing and one elevator in West Housing, making all floors accessible.

Can I smoke in CST housing?

Effective June 1, 2016, smoking will be prohibited anywhere on CST’s campus. This includes, but is not limited to: the interior of all CST owned buildings; all outside property and grounds of CST; and all residential facilities owned and operated by CST. This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, visitors and contractors. For the purposes of this policy, smoking means inhaling, exhaling, burning, carrying or possessing any lighted tobacco product including cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, e-cigarettes, hookahs, and any other lit tobacco products. For the purposes of this policy, tobacco products means all forms of tobacco, including but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, e-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco and any non-FDA approved delivery device or product. Exceptions will be made for Native American ceremonial smoking, as protected under federal law. The tenant must notify the CST administration of the ceremony and coordinate with the CST administration so as not to disturb other tenants or set off the fire suppression system during the ceremony.

How does mail work?

Mail is delivered to the campus mailroom. The mailroom workers will deliver envelopes and other small pieces of mail to the apartment mailboxes, while larger packages can be picked up in the mailroom. Tenants will receive a package slip in their mailbox indicating that they need to exchange for package retrieval.

What is my mailing Address?

The School’s address is as follows: 1325 N. College Ave., (add your apartment number here (e.g. A101 or W257)) Claremont, CA 91711

How does parking work?

There is ample parking available on campus. No permit or payment is required for parking. Residents must not park in fire lanes, double park, or park in spots reserved for handicapped persons without displaying the proper placard.

How does laundry work?

There are laundry facilities on campus, with washing and drying machines. Residents are issued a laundry card at check-in that can be loaded by using a debit/credit card or cash at on-campus machines, then used in the laundry machines.

How does trash and recycling work on campus?

There are large receptacles for trash and recycling on campus. The City of Claremont has an extensive recycling program, and you can recycle: Aluminum cans, metal -glass (brown, green or clear in color), newspaper (scrap value will increase if placed in a bag), cardboard (including paper milk carton, aseptic juice boxes), styrofoam (packing peanuts should be contained in a separate bag), mixed paper (photocopier/colored paper, junk mail, catalogs, envelopes, and computer paper), and some plastics (any plastic with a 1-7 rating on the bottom the container.

Are there Resident Assistants for housing?

Yes, the various sections of housing have Resident Assistants who can be contacted for help with emergencies, noise complaints, and other residential issues. At the time of move in, residents will be given contact information for your Resident Assistants. This information can also be found on the Housing webpage (

How does rent billing work?

Students are expected to pay their rent by the third of each month through the CST website ( Housing Payments) or in person at the Business Office. Monthly bills are not mailed; however, all CST and Bayan students have access to view their housing account online by using their student portal.

How do I pay my rent?

You can pay via credit card or debit card through the CST website.  You can also come in person to pay your rent at the Housing Office via check, cashier’s check, money order, or debit/credit card.

Do I have to pay utilities?

Beginning June 1, 2015, rental rates for CST apartments will include utilities. Utilities will not have to be paid separately.

Can I use student loans to cover my housing application fee, security deposit, or pet fee?

No, student loans cannot be used toward the housing application fee, security deposit, or pet fee. Student loans can, however, be used to cover regular rent during the school year.

Can I use student loans to cover my on-campus rent?

Yes; Students will be required to file a Financial Aid Disbursement Authorization each semester to indicate how much funding they would like allocated to their housing account. Fall loans may cover up to 4 month’s rent (September through December) and Spring loans may cover up to 5 month’s rent (January through May).