Hi all, 

This week I want to throw the archive blog back to our very beginnings in the San Fernando Valley. After spending over a year in the archives, I thought it might be interesting to give a little history of how we ended up in Claremont and all of the trials along the way!


Claremont School of Theology started out as the Maclay College of theology in 1885, founded by Charles Maclay to train pastors and missionaries. The first classes began in the fall of 1887 with Four Professors and 12 students, one of which was a woman! 

There were a number of issues within the first twenty years of the school’s existence. The death of Charles Maclay, issues with his estate that did not allow for the sale of the school, and the economic downturn of the late 19th century left the school with no choice but to embed. In 1894 the Maclay College of Theology Embedded within USC in order to keep the school afloat. However, in 1899 the school was forced to close temporarily and did not reopen until 1907. 

The Maclay College of theology which eventually became the USC school of Religion, remained on the USC campus until the move to Claremont in 1956! Next week i’ll talk about the move to Claremont! 


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