Information Technology at Claremont School of Theology includes the offices of Academic Computing and Administrative Computing.

The I.T. department supports staff, faculty and students in their use of the school’s technological resources.

The I.T. department supports Claremont’s administrative computing systems, Internet and email access, campus intranet, Library computing systems, and the Computer Lab.

IT Answers for Prospective Students

After the Admissions office receives a confirmation letter from an incoming student, the IT staff creates a CST email address for that student. The address is the student’s first name followed by a period and their last name (

All school related email will be received at this address, and all students have email addresses following the same pattern. Additionally, all faculty and staff follow the pattern of first initial followed by last name ( These predicable email addresses allow for easy communication between members of the CST community. CST email is accessible at or clicking “Email” at the bottom of any webpage on the CST website.

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the CST campus, including campus housing. However, if you prefer, you may contact an Internet Service Provider (Verizon or Time Warner Cable) to have your own dedicated Internet connection.
Although there are computers on campus available for student use, bringing a computer to campus, either for use in an on-campus apartment or to take notes in class, is a great idea. If you wish to purchase a computer before arriving on campus, be sure to pick one that is reliable and with which you are comfortable. CST does not provide discounted pricing on computer purchases; however, students are eligible for academic pricing through retail vendors.
The library invites students to bring their laptop computers to the library to connect to the Internet webpage. A free wireless connection is available to students in most areas on campus.

Students at CST have access to all the computers in the library while the library is open. They also have access to the computer lab, which is attached to the library, from 6AM – 12 Midnight everyday (CST Student ID required). From any of these computers students can print, surf the Internet, etc. Copy machines are also available for student use.

CST offers students a wide range of educational and research tools. As one of its greatest assets, CST provides its students with access to all the libraries at the Claremont Colleges. CST also provides its students with access to several databases, accessible on or off campus, and an electronic reserve system that allows students to access course materials from the Internet.


Danny SoewitoDirector of Administrative Computing