M.Div. 2017, Associate pastor, Bothell UMC (WA)

Soon after graduating from college, I was serving in the halls of power in our country and beyond on behalf of the United Methodist Church. I was at the United Nations, creating and implementing policy combatting human trafficking, and working towards education reform on Capitol Hill. Despite the good work, I began to feel unfilled in this ministry, and hungered for something deeper.  That’s when I recognized my call into ordained ministry—to be with people in the community, to do the work of breaking down the walls that divide us, to be in the places where people live, play, work, and learn.

My life suddenly changed when I was asked to consider an appointment in the Pacific Northwest Conference–Seattle.  We were leaving the comforts of home and community, the security of positions, and the promise of prestige. My spouse, Joann, was also 7 months pregnant with our son, Asher, entering into the unknown of the Pacific Northwest without an established community. Walking in faith, we moved west.

“Thanks to the generosity of others, many of whom I will never meet, and the generosity of CST, I was able to graduate in May 2017 and look towards the future!”

CST met me where I was through the Hybrid online M. Div. program.

Rather than having to choose between diapers or books, I was able to focus on my work and God’s call.