Hi! My name is Karen Leslie Hernandez. I’m working on my Doctor of Ministry at Claremont School of Theology, a school that provides a unique approach to theological education, an approach I believe in.

I’m a United Methodist, Latina theologian and interfaith activist in the Bay Area, with a concentration in Christian-Muslim relations as well as restorative justice and domestic violence advocacy. I tutor women in prison, write and lecture, and I serve as an Ambassador with the Parliament of the World’s Religions. I stand quite strongly in my Christian faith and appreciate that people come from a multitude of traditions. My CST education supports my desire to communicate and listen, to delve in, and to have a clear understanding of different faiths.

We are all spiritually connected. We want to be met where we are in our faith journey, if even half way, so that we can share our faiths, our lives, and our thoughts with appreciation. CST values this kind of inquiry, this way of life.