Hi all,

One of the ways in which I would entertain myself while digging through the more correspondence heavy (aka boring) sections of the archives, was by pulling out the funny, surprising, and generally unexpected finds and sharing them with friends, family, and mostly my boss, Maggie. We developed a system of leaving the best finds on each others desk labeled simply with “!”.

A memo about the “Committee on Committees”

Constantly being on the hunt for something funny made reading through over 250 boxes worth of unsorted papers and photos a lot more exciting. Here are a few of the items that have made it onto the wall behind my desk as some hilarious motivation to make it to the end of the project.


In peace,


Front page of the “Sun” from 1991 on the Dead Sea Scrolls

A library card for the Claremont PD

My personal favorite, a photo found in the “parties and functions” folder of photos from our early days in Claremont

Just one of MANY news clippings found scattered throughout the archives. This comes from our latest digitization project of all of Kirby Page’s personal files!

A brochure on Library Security