Letter To Students

Dearest Students,

We are looking forward to your arrival on the Claremont School of Theology campus in a little more than one month. Since we last wrote to you in June, Pres. Kuan and CST’s Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees have made additional decisions to secure CST’s sustainable future. We are writing to update you on the latest developments.

Under the direction of our president and executive committee, CST has entered into discussions with Willamette University in Salem, Oregon as a potential partner in securing CST’s future through embedding. We have entered into a due diligence process to determine if such a partnership to embed CST within Willamette would be financially mutually beneficial.

Attached here, you will find Pres. Kuan’s letter to all CST supporters and friends – faculty, staff, students, alumni/ae, and donors – along with an updated list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). We have asked many of the questions you are likely pondering. At this time, partnering with Willamette University provides CST the opportunity to not just survive, but thrive.

This process takes time and we are in the very early stages. As this potential embedding process unfolds, we will share more regarding what matriculation at Willamette would look like. No matter what physical form CST takes, our students – on-campus, hybrid, and online – will be well cared for. Any full-time student who begins a program in Fall 2017 should be able to finish coursework in Claremont, California. As an institution of higher learning, we follow the laws set forth by the Department of Education to ensure that arrangements are always in place so that all enrolled students can either complete the course of study or transition to a mutually agreed course at no disadvantage to the student.

As we have emphasized in previous communications: You remain at the center of all of our evaluations, conversations, and considerations. Your needs and concerns are consistently examined in every possible decision. You will be kept apprised of any developments as they come about. We are committed to providing you, our students and prospective students, with the quality education, exceptional faculty, and opportunities that you have come to expect from a world-renown theological school.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the following offices at any time:

Deans’ Office
Dean Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook  SKujawa-Holbrook@cst.edu
Dean Belva Brown Jordan  BJordan@cst.edu
Lea Appleton  LAppleton@cst.edu
Christine Whang CWhang@cst.edu

Murad Dibbini  MDibbini@cst.edu
Nathan Araujo  NAraujo@cst.edu
Allura Davis  ADavis@cst.edu

Kim Edwards

Sharalyn Hamilton

Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you soon!