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This week I want to highlight an incredibly influential former CST faculty member, Howard Clinebell. He is the namesake behind the Clinebell Center here at CST and he pioneered a new approach to pastoral counseling. Although Dr. Clinebell passed away in 2005, his legacy is nonetheless still present on campus. 

Photo of Howard Clinebell in the Craig Building Courtyard

I met Howard in the archives and spent many, many hours sorting through dozens of boxes of his research, notes, and personal papers. They were often interesting, occasionally boring, and always hilarious. 

If you are interested in Dr. Clinebell’s research approaches, stop by the reference desk in the library and ask to take a look at the many boxes we have in the basement. I’m sure that you’ll find something entertaining. 

Here are a few of my favorite finds. 

A more recent headshot

Young Howard Clinebell

Howard Clinebell on Campus at CST

An Article about Howard Clinebell as a Pastoral Counselor

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