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Claremont School of Theology is a school that aims to Create a Difference for the World We Live In. To do this, we need to be able to reach out to the world we’re living in–and one powerful way to do that is through social media. In that spirit, we’ve started a hashtag campaign that we hope will be used as a way for students, faculty, staff, and alumni/ae to share their experiences and what they love at CST.

The new hashtag is #WeAreCST, and we see it as a way to share the true spirit of this school. We encourage our CST community to use it (on any social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more) when posting images and/or text, for instances such as:

  • Posting when you are at a CST event (e.g. “At student orientation with incoming students! #WeAreCST”)
  • Posting about an experience at CST (e.g. “Having a deep conversation about process theology in class today #WeAreCST”)
  • Posting about something you are doing with other CST people (“We’re marching in a protest for climate justice in LA today #WeAreCST”)

The beauty of a hashtag is that it works across social media platforms and is a good way to gather all the different things that people are talking about and excited about in terms of CST. We hope that you’ll start using this hashtag when you post about CST, so that the world will get a chance to see just what it is we all love so much about this school.

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