Last week, Professor Najeeba Syeed was one of several voices featured in a new commercial for IBM challenging the tech industry. The commercial, which aired during the Oscars, featured such notable figures as Mayim Bialik, Janelle Monáe, and Arianna Huffington who pondered whether tech companies were doing enough for our increasingly globalized world.

Professor Syeed said, “It took four women of color to get me the spot, advocate for me, prepare me, and build a wardrobe for me around my natural and desired look. It took a village, and I’m thankful. When we support one another, there is no limit to our collective and interconnected success.”

IBM, along with several partners, recently launched a global research center to develop next-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) hardware and to expand research in nanotechnology.

The Muslim Women’s Alliance, a non-profit organization focused on the development of women leaders, posted an image of Professor Syeed alongside one of Olympic fencing champion and Nike spokesperson, Ibtihaj Muhammad with these words, “While people were watching the Oscars tonight, Muslim women and girls around the world cheered appearances by Professor Najeeba Syeed and Ibtihaj Muhammad during commercials by IBM and Nike. #MuslimWomenLead indeed.”

CST D.Min. student Monalisa Siofele Lolohea said, “I was so excited to see Professor Syeed in this ad. She is an amazing role model, activist, teacher, professor, and prophetic leader – and one of my favorite professors!”

The link to the commercial that aired during the Oscars is here, and a longer version of the ad can be seen here.