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With the start of the semester creeping up on us, I thought that I should take the blog all the way back to the start of our first ever semester in Claremont! One of the first people that I “met” in the Archives was CST’s first President, Ernest Cadman Colwell. Colwell was our president from 1957-1968, and he was heavily involved in shaping what the School of Theology at Claremont (STC) would look like. 

President Colwell and Bishop Kennedy at the Groundbreaking in Claremont in 1958

Colwell had a vision for a new, better, type of theological education. As part of this new and improved approach he developed his “Ten Commandments for a Theological School”: 

Ten Commandment for a Theological School by President Colwell

Looking at these commandments from the perspective of 2019 there are a few things that I might change, and I know that as a student at CST I am not alone in that opinion. So, in the spirit of Colwell’s desire to push theological education forward, to break boundaries, and to questions norms, what would be your Commandment for a Theological School?

President Colwell with his wife, Annette, in the 1950s

Comment here, send us an email, or post on facebook, and you just might see your commandments appearing somewhere by our final Claremont commencement in the spring!


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