Spiritual Life is a fundamental aspect to life at CST.  There are a number of ways that CST supports its campus community in worship, prayer and spiritual support.

For further information about resources for Spiritual Life and Care at CST, please contact Lea Appleton, Associate Dean of Student and Community Life at (909) 447-2590 or lappleton@cst.edu.

Worship at CST

There are regular opportunities for the CST Community to gather in worship that reflects the many traditions represented on our campus.  Those opportunities include:

  • Weekly Christian Chapel Services: To see a full listing of this semester’s Chapel Services, visit the Events Page.

Sacred Space at CST

Space is set aside on campus for the CST Community to pray, reflect, mediate and worship.  Those spaces include:

  • Kresge Chapel: CST’s iconic worship space.
  • Cornish Rogers Prayer Room: an interreligious space for individuals and small groups.
  • Biblical Meditation Garden – a beautiful, quiet space filled with indigenous species related to plantings named in the Bible.

Small Groups

A number of small groups gather on a regular basis to support various types of experiences and spiritual practices.  Small groups at CST include:

  • Contemplative practice groups
  • Ordination support groups
  • Denominational Meetings for students that identify with the Disciples of Christ, Episcopal, United Methodist and Unitarian Universalist traditions.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a helpful resource for both ongoing vocational discernment and for reflecting on one’s spiritual life with a trusted companion.  Spiritual Direction can be short-term (one or two sessions) or it may develop into a long-standing monthly practice.  The cost varies and is approximately $30-50/session.  Contact Spiritual Formation Professor Frank Rogers at (909) 447-2569 for information about trained spiritual directors in your area.

The Spiritual Care Team

Students who want a listening ear for support or to work through a problem can find assistance through the school’s Spiritual Care Team. Our diverse team members consist of our faculty and staff, and represent a wide range of diverse spiritual backgrounds. They do not provide long-term counseling, but can help with referrals.

Our spiritual caregivers are not functioning as therapists, nor are they available for intensive therapeutic help.  For information on resources available to the CST Community, please consult the Counseling Services page.