The Claremont School of Theology Business Office is located on the second floor of the Butler Building (north of the Library, west of the Chapel, and directly above the Lemon Tree Cafeteria), open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. through 5:30 p.m.

The Business Office handles general accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and other financial matters for Claremont School of Theology. Students may want to stop by the office to review their charges, billings, account statements, make payments, arrange for payment plans, medical insurance enrollment, or medical insurance waivers. Student can also access their accounts via the Student Portal.

Estimated Tuition Worksheet – Future Semester Charges

Once you have registered for classes, the best way to determine your account balance is through the Estimated Tuition Worksheet in the Student Portal. This worksheet takes into account the courses for which you are registered (including any pending registrations), your approved financial aid award, and any other charges that have been applied to your account. If you add or drop courses, or if your financial aid award changes, this worksheet will update automatically to reflect these changes.

Please refer to the “How to View Billing Information Online” guide for assistance in accessing your Estimated Tuition Worksheet.

View Student Charges and Make Payment

Students can view their charges, payments, and adjustments (if any) via the Student Portal. Rent and tuition accounts are available 24 hours a day for student’s view and to make payments on both Rent and Tuition accounts. Following are different ways payments can be submitted to CST:


  • Tuition Charges are posted to student accounts, within two days of ADD/DROP day
  • Disbursement checks are ready seven to ten days after posting of Tuition Charges
  • Students Accounts with balances are placed on “HOLD” one week after Disbursement checks are issued
  • 1098-T Tax Forms are available via student portal after January 31 of each year

Contact Information

Scott Tirrell
Tel.: (909) 962.6762
Inquiries, Holds, Payment Plans, Time-sheet questions, Account Login, Unlock Account, Make Payments (secondary contact)

Janice Hall
Tel.: (909) 447-2562
Inquiries, Make Payments (secondary contact), Holds

Beth Parker
Tel.: (909) 447-2563
Inquiries, Primary Payments Contact, Resolve Holds, Time-sheet Questions, Account Login, Unlock Account, Direct Deposit

Elisabeth Tsang
Tel.: (909) 447-2561
Inquiries, Holds, Make Payments (secondary contact)