The Arts Council sponsors and coordinates a variety of arts activities on campus that contribute both to the curricular and the co-curricular life of the School. It also keeps the School community in touch with a wide range of interesting arts events on neighboring campuses and in the greater Los Angeles area. The Arts Council presents exhibitions of photography, painting, and sculpture by members of the Claremont community and artists of local and national reputation.

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This student organization is committed to helping the Pacific Islander students successfully attain their academic, spiritual, and ministerial goals by supporting its members in positively participating in all academic and social activities held at CST; effectively sharing information on their campus life, study and ministry; and engage in uplifting worship and fellowship. PISA aims to establish relationships with other student organizations to promote school spirit and personal pride.

This group meets for regular intramural basketball, tennis, volleyball, Frisbee, and more to help strengthen the community, and to act as an important ministry to all students, faculty, and staff of Claremont School of Theology in need of a weekly refocusing.

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This group provides programming and support for Korean students. They work to support the spiritual life of the Korean community as well as to provide forums on topics of interest in theology and international issues.

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CSTBayan Seekers Collaborative is devoted to cultivating an environment to support spiritual formation and to nurture a sense of community for Muslim students. Our collaborative will share the richness of cultural and spiritual aspects of various Muslim traditions from around the world, and is committed to create a safe space for Muslim students to express their faith. We aspire to increase awareness about Islam and Muslims through interreligious/interfaith relationships, and interspiritual dialogue and programming. 

We will develop a program that enhances the leadership capacity of CSTBayan students, strengthens the bonds of community across faith traditions, and addresses social justice issues through outreach and collaboration.  We aspire to create a spiritual revitalizing environment for Muslim students on campus, to strengthen the wider Muslim community through service, education and activism, and to contribute to the overall fabric of campus life at the Claremont School of Theology.

This group represents, communicates with, and serves the needs of Korean women students to clarify and strengthen their identity as Korean Christian women leaders, to develop a supportive Korean women’s community at Claremont School of Theology, and also to contribute to diversity on campus.

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The Interreligious Committee serves the Claremont campus community’s diverse religious traditions. It is a faith-welcoming organization that acts as a place where those from the interfaith community come together alongside those who approach religion from a variety of philosophical and academic disciplines.

The Committee is made up of current students and plans activities throughout the year including religious observances from particular traditions, interfaith worship and ritual, times for interreligious dialogue, as well as hosts visitors from the surrounding area to facilitate conversation.

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This group promotes fellowship and mutual assistance among Pan-­African students. It works for meaningful interaction among all students and for the increased presence of Pan-­African faculty and students at the School.

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A space for all members of the Claremont School of Theology community to dialogue safely and intelligently about the intersections of gender, sexuality and religion

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Student Council seeks to represent, communicate, and serve the needs of students in order to develop community at the School and promote a healthy and balanced campus atmosphere. This mission includes supporting and coordinating the activities of student groups as well as sponsoring activities and programs that contribute to the common good of the School’s student body.

The Council encourages participation by all constituencies within the School’s student body and works to facilitate communication and understanding between students, faculty, staff, and administration. Meetings are open to all currently enrolled CST students.

The Student Council appoints students to the faculty committees that oversee the degree programs of the School, and to certain administrative committees. The Student Council hears student concerns and carries the student voice within the School’s governance. The Council also sponsors programs and activities for the entire CST community.

Students Groups 

Student groups form and change along with the interests of the current student body.  The following is a list of current student groups on campus.  If you are interested in starting a new student organization, please contact the Office of Student and Community Life.

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The Office of Student and Community Life, with input from the Committee on Community Life, oversees the budget process for student organizations on campus so that students have funding for activities. There is always a lot to do!