Syeed Reflects on Religion in 2015 for KCRW

Syeed Reflects on Religion in 2015 for KCRW

Najeeba Syeed, Assistant Professor of Interreligious Studies, was invited by local public radio station KCRW to contribute to “One Thing: 2015” – a series of first-person reflections by nine local thought leaders on the stories that have defined the last calendar year.  Syeed was invited to discuss the most influential trends in the area of faith and religion.

In her segment, Syeed discusses the influence of Pope Francis as a “significant religious story, something to follow, and not just for people who are Catholic…This pope has brought to the table a real commitment to interfaith activity, bringing people of different traditions together, talking about how to deal with histories of interreligious strife.”

Listen to the entire segment using the player below.

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