This has been a busy summer for CST Staff as the “church conference season” continues. From Ogden, Utah to Redlands, California to Boise, Idaho to Glendale, Arizona to Modesto, California to Puyallup, Washington – and that was just United Methodist Conferences! Our Admissions, Advancement, and Dean’s offices staff and President Kuan, have logged thousands of miles and talked with hundreds of people in the past month and a half.

In addition to the United Methodist conferences, CST was also represented by staff and alumni/ae at the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly in Kansas City and the General Convention of The Episcopal Church in Houston. And, next month, we’ll be at the Progressive National Baptist Convention in Philadelphia!

Our Admissions team sets up CST exhibits; our Advancement team hosts alumni/ae gatherings; President Kuan meets with folks and speaks at many of the conferences; and, Professor Lincoln Galloway spoke passionately and prophetically to more than 100 attendees at the UMC Cal-Pac Alumni Dinner in Redlands.

Here are some reflections from a few of our conference staff:

President Kuan:
The ordination services are always the highlight of a United Methodist annual conference session. At the ordination service of the Desert Southwest Conference, two of our CST alumni, Paul Hyung Cho and Timote Piukala, were ordained as Elders. Another alumnus, Robert Rynders, changed his orders from Elder to Deacon. It was a blessing to witness. Another memorable moment was on the third leg of my annual conference-hopping in Boise, ID at the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference Session. Here I experienced a very moving act of repentance. The conference returned a portion of tribal land to the Nez Perce tribe. It was about doing the right thing. Also touching was when a member of the Crow tribe asked for forgiveness from the Nez Perce tribe. In the 19th century, the Nez Perce tribe went to the Crow tribe for help and were refused. There is so much to learn about doing right. I’m so thankful to Bishop Elaine Stanovsky for her incredible leadership!”

Goldy Waworoendeng, Admissions Recruiter:
“The Cal-Pac UMC conference was my first solo conference as a Claremont School of Theology Admissions Recruiter, and I really enjoyed meeting people – those alumni who simply stopped by to chat and those considering our programs. It was very interesting to learn about their different educational backgrounds and experiences. One person I talked to is considering a career change and furthering her education at CST. Our conversation really showed me that pursuing one’s education truly has no boundaries.

Professor Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook:
“At the Episcopal General Convention, our alumni really made an effort to attend our luncheon and they loved the CST swag. It was great to reconnect with our alumni who are serving hither and yon.”

Allura Davis:
“I’ve attended seven conferences this summer, and it’s been encouraging! To see so many people from so many different denominations and backgrounds come together for the greater good of the world encourages me to continue my work in Admissions at Claremont School of Theology. All the attendees I have met at these conferences are ready and willing to join CST to create a difference for the world we live in and that gives me hope. I will continue to recruit and promote Claremont School of Theology because of those prospective students who come out of these conferences with a drive to promote change. I will continue to maintain relationships with the Alumni that I have met on these conferences who are leaders and encouraging peace, love and justice for all.”