Hi all,

This week I have been helping to bring up old photos from the archives for the various events scheduled to commemorate our time here in Claremont. As i’ve been digging through the nearly 100 boxes in the archives, i’ve been reflecting a lot on the mixture of emotions that come with transitions.

In the late 19th century, the Maclay School of Theology (the precursor to CST) had to make the difficult decision to move from the initial site of the school in the San Fernando Valley. They joined USC on their campus, and in spite of a slew of challenging years, they managed to thrive as the USC school of religion.

Again in the mid 1950’s the school was forced to make the decision to sever ties with USC and move onto another unknown future in Claremont. Now, in 2020 we are again looking forward to a new challenge of transition and movement towards the unknown.

With thoughts of transition, I want to share a few photos this week that give me a little spark of hope. They are some of the drafts of the first campus buildings in Claremont. Our first years here we operated out of Claremont United Methodist and borrowed classrooms from the Claremont Mens College. Although those early years must have been hard, these drawing remind me of the hope for the future that remains even during times of transition.

In peace,