Hi all! 

My name is Keziah and I’m heading into my second year of a masters program in interreligious studies here at CST. In addition to attending classes, writing my thesis, and digging around in the community garden on campus, I also spend 20-30 hours a week sorting through the CST archives. I started this project way back in September as a part of my job in the library reference department. While a lot of the archive is filled with dry correspondence and academic policies, there have also been a number of surprising, exciting, and often hilarious finds. I’ll be using this space to share some of my favorite pieces of our history with the CST community.

One of the final goals of this project is to help create a book filled with some of the memories of CST’s time in Claremont, so please feel free to send us your photos and stories. I hope that you will enjoy this chance to look back with me at many of the pieces of what makes CST, well, CST! 

In peace,

Keziah Grindeland