A ministry, a career, a life. Each, or all, can reach a point where new inspiration is needed. Required, even; that time in the trajectory of our journey when we need fresh ideas, outside influence and a recharge for our imagination.

We need to read new things, meet new people. That moment when your social media feeds aren’t enough, and conferences aren’t cutting it any longer.

You are ready to dig deeper. This is the time for a DMin Time to work with mentors and academics, mix with a completely new cohort of thinkers, and test fresh ideas in a supportive and encouraging environment.

It’s what graduate theological education is all about. And the Claremont DMin is particularly well suited to the professional looking for a refresh, a restart, or simply a sharper focus on your current ministry. Think of it as career therapy.

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Doctor of Ministry
Program Length
Example Courses
30 credits
Summative Research Project
Contexts of Ministry
Short-term intensives
Korean language option
Practical Research Colloquim
Program Length 30 credits
Modalities Hybrid
Features Summative Research Project
Example Courses Contexts of Ministry
Program Length
Modalities Short-term intensives
Features Korean language option
Example Courses Practical Research Colloquim

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