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Research Centers

The Center for Process Studies (CPS), founded in 1973 by CST professors John Cobb and David Griffin, is a nonprofit think-and-action tank that conducts interdisciplinary research and education in science & philosophy, human experience & meaning, and society & sustainability to cultivate holistic understanding and advance the common good. Website:

The Center for Engaged Compassion promotes genuine compassion in service of personal transformation, interpersonal flourishing, and social reconciliation. As a teaching center, it forms people in the contemplative practices, the conflict transformation processes, and the healing strategies that contribute to authentic restoration at both the personal and social levels; as a research center, it integrates the wisdom of the world’s compassion-based spiritual traditions with the most advanced contemporary understandings of the human arts and sciences; and as an activist center, it works with organizations, communities, governmental and religious leaders, and individuals in situations of conflict throughout the world. 


The Center for Sexuality, Gender and Religion exists within Claremont School of Theology and is located in the Mudd Theatre. The goal of the Center is to foster intellectual inquiry and open dialogue within the Church and other interested religious communities on the complex issue of human sexuality.

Center for Sexuality, Gender and Religion

The Clinebell Institute provides high quality, low cost professional pastoral care, counseling, and psychotherapy to persons in the greater Pomona Valley area. The Institute educates clergy and other professionals to integrate spirituality and psychotherapy.

The Institute also provides educational and enrichment programs to the general public. The Institute is a marriage education center which regularly offers relationship education for singles, couples, and families.


Process & Faith (P&F), founded in 1983 as a program of the Center for Process Studies at CST, is a multi-faith network for relational spirituality and the common good that offers educational initiatives, interfaith collaborations, and resource creation. Website: