Your role in the evolution of religious tradition begins here. And the way in which communities change, and are changed by, religious tradition is frequently mediated, moderated and inspired by students like yourself – students who are ready to research, write and formulate their unique, original interpretations. In turn, that knowledge and interpretation forms the basis for inspired leadership and teaching.

One could go so far as to say that you will learn from your religious study, and your religion will learn from you. It’s the way of spiritual and theological growth. It’s the way of community growth.

Personal growth. This is why Claremont offers concentrations in contextual or comparative theology and philosophy, Jewish studies, Christian origins, religious ethics, and Whiteheadian process studies. The PhD is an advanced degree because it requires discipline, dedication and vision. Knowledge and imagination. It requires you.

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PhD in Religion
Program Length
Example Courses
48 credits
In-person intensives
Qualifying exams
Process Studies
Philosophy of Religion and Theology
Program Length 48 credits
Modalities In-person intensives
Features Qualifying exams
Example Courses Process Studies
Program Length
Modalities Hybrid
Features Dissertation
Example Courses Philosophy of Religion and Theology

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