Program Overview

The Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.) is a 48-unit degree designed to combine academic excellence with in depth theological studies in a particular area of concentration in order to provide a foundation for further graduate study and general education and enrichment. Areas of concentration include: biblical studies, ethics and social change, interreligious studies, ministry, religious education, spiritual formation and theology. Students must complete a summative exercise at the end of their program which takes the form of master seminar or research-focused project.

The MTS program is ideal for those already working in or considering non-profit community leadership or faith-based leadership, for those who plan to pursue further graduate study, for those who want a theological education to enhance their ministry as lay people, as well as for UMC ministry candidates following the Deacon path. The final summative exercise will be akin to a portfolio that corresponds with the student’s interests, connecting their education with the practical tools needed to work in a certain area.

Areas Of Concetration

This concentration provides depth of study in a particular theological discipline and offers ideal preparation for students who plan to pursue doctoral studies. In most cases, students complete 12 units in an area to receive the concentration. Disciplines available include:

  • Biblical Studies
  • Ethics and Social Change
  • Interreligious Studies
  • Ministry
  • Process Studies
  • Religious Education
  • Spiritual Care and Counseling
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Theology

Contact Information

Claremont School of Theology
Office of Admission
1325 North College Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711 (USA)
(909) 447-2507


THB3007 The Hebrew Bible in Context
TNT3003The New Testament in Context
THC3007History of World Christianities
TTH3036 Systematic Theology
TEC3001Introduction to Christian Ethics
TIR3001 Interreligious Dialogue and Leadership
Elective Course in Interreligious Studies (any course with TIR or
TIE prefix) or Course in a Religious Tradition other than one’s own
Select one of the following Areas:
Biblical Studies;
Ethics and Social Change;
Interreligious Studies;
Religious Education;
Spiritual Care and Counseling;
Spiritual Formation;

Free Electives      12 units

TIS3059M.A. Research and Integrative Seminar