Program Overview

The M.A. with a concentration in Interdisciplinary or Comparative Studies is a 48-unit degree program for those who desire to study the integration of two or more fields. It is a flexible degree that allows students to personalize a course of advanced study in multiple areas of interest, one of which must be religious in nature.

These fields of study will be listed on the student’s academic transcript. The culmination of this degree is a summative exercise which usually takes the form of a Master’s thesis.

Degree Requirements

TIR3001 Interreligious Dialogue and Leadership3 units
TIR3XXX Elective in Interreligious Studies OR a course in a religious tradition other than one’s own3 units
In consultation with one’s faculty advisor, the student will design a program appropriate to the student’s interests and future career goals
TIS3075 MA Research Colloquium I (Spring semester1st year)1 unit
TIS3076 MA Research Colloquium II (Fall semester 2nd year)1 unit
The summative exercise, such as a master’s thesis, major research paper, or project, as approved by one’s advisor, must be completed within the final 2 semesters of enrollment.

TOTAL – 48 units