The challenges and opportunities of our world seem so new. They scroll past on our glowing screens and call from our earbuds. They feel overwhelming. Intractable. But you know they aren’t. Because you know that we are the challenge, and the opportunity. The same can be said for religious traditions. They often know more about us than we know about ourselves. And that’s where the Master of Arts in Religion comes in. It teaches, trains and mentors students to take religious wisdom into new situations, new neighborhoods. It exchanges dogma for insight. And it takes religious legacy and transforms it into psychological, social and cultural intelligence. You become the future of religious practice and research by introducing ancient knowledge to the modern world – and translating these gifts for the 21st century.

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MA in Religion
Program Length
Example Courses
48 credits (2 years)
LA-Area Cohort
Flexible and exploratory
Interreligious Dialogue and Leadership
Online (pending WASC approval)
Summative exercise (thesis project, clinical case study etc.)
Free electives
Program Length 48 credits (2 years)
Modalities LA-Area Cohort
Features Flexible and exploratory
Example Courses Interreligious Dialogue and Leadership
Program Length
Modalities Online (pending WASC approval)
Features Summative exercise (thesis project, clinical case study etc.)
Example Courses Free electives

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