Students in the Hybrid Online program can complete the Master of Divinity degree through a combination of online classes, intensive short-­term courses on campus, and classes that combine intensive classroom sessions and online work. Program requirements and faculty are the same as in the on­-campus Master of Divinity program. The intensive and online formats offer opportunities for students to form relationships, develop community, and engage in deep conversation with peers and professors.

To be successful in the hybrid program, students will need a computer (not a tablet), high­ speed internet access, comfort with learning and using technology, and good time management skills.

All required courses, including intensives, hybrids, and online courses, are offered every year. A recommended course schedule for completing the degree in three years (usual for M.Div.) is provided.

Hybrid and Intensive Courses

Hybrid courses include a week of on­ campus sessions plus online work throughout a semester. Hybrid courses often have required pre­class reading and writing assignments. Intensive courses meet for one week on campus and often have required reading before class, plus assignments due after the last class session.

On ­campus sessions of hybrid courses are generally scheduled the last full week of August and the second full week of January. Intensive courses are scheduled the first full week of January.

Online Courses

Online courses do not require time on campus. Most class sessions are asynchronous – each week students can participate at times of their own choosing. Some online classes include synchronous (everyone at the same time) sessions.

6 required courses are hybrid or intensives, as indicated below. All other required courses are offered fully online. Electives may be taken online or as intensives. Online and intensive elective courses are offered in the fall and spring semesters as well as in the summer term.

Program Curriculum

TIR3001Interreligious Dialogue and Leadership
TRE3040Vocational Praxis
TSF3008Formation: Spiritual Practices
TCS3000Formation: Cultural Competencies
TCE3080Formation: Field Education I
TCE3081Formation: Field Education II
TRE3001Introduction to Religious Education
TWP3015Introduction to Christian Worship and the Arts
TWP3013Preaching in the Worship Context
TCE3075Religious Leadership
THB3007The Hebrew Bible in Context
THC3007History of World Christianities
TTH3036Systematic Theology
TNT3003The New Testament in Context
TEC3001Introduction to Christian Ethics
TSC3004Theories and Practices of Spiritual Care

Total Required Courses – 16 Courses, 48 Units

Electives are offered online or as intensives.

United Methodist students seeking ordination have five required denominational studies courses: History, Polity, Doctrine, Mission, and Evangelism, 12 units total. Some of these courses may be offered online only or as intensives in the summer.

Students in other denominations may also have required courses – check with your denomination.

Time to Complete

The Master of Divinity is usually considered a 3­ year degree program. Students can complete the hybrid program in three academic years by taking 3 courses (9 units) most semesters, plus the two January intensives and some summer courses. Some students also choose to spread the course work over a longer period of time.

Sample Schedule

Year I

TSF3008 Formation: Spiritual PracticesTIR3001 Interreligious Dialogue and LeadershipTCS3000 Formation: Cultural CompetenciesElective/UM studies
TRE3001 Introduction to Religious EducationTWP3015 Introduction to Worship and the ArtsElective/UM studies
THB3007 The Hebrew Bible in ContextTNT3003 The New Testament in Context

Year II

TCE3080 Formation: Field Education ITCE3081 Formation: Field Education IIElective/UM studies
TWP3013 Preaching in the Worship ContextTCE3075 Religious LeadershipElective/UM studies
TTH3036 Systematic TheologyTSC3004 Theories and Practices of Spiritual Care