You didn’t land on this page by accident. No. You are here because a ministry is on your mind… in your heart. Maybe that ministry is clear and focused. Maybe it’s still a whisper. But you are here, and we are here, in a virtual space called hope – collective future. And to move from virtual to real we walk together through a 72-credit program starting from a Christian core and reaching out to academic, spiritual, interreligious and diversity resources needed in 21st-century ministry. Future church, spiritual practice, environmental action, social justice, psychological wellness, the beloved community; ministry has become a breathtakingly open invitation. And that’s why you are here.

That’s why we are here.

Free Professional Coaching for New MDiv Students

As a testament to our commitment to equipping and empowering our students holistically, beginning in the Fall 2023 semester, we are offering an optional coaching program benefit designed exclusively for incoming MDiv students. This program provides an opportunity for MDiv students to receive monthly coaching sessions from professionally certified coaches at no charge to the student.

This professional coaching program is student-directed, focusing on helping each student clarify and prioritize the new demands of seminary education in their lives, as well as helping them find their own solutions and inner directions toward a fulfilling life.

More information about this program will be shared during new student orientation in early August. In the meantime, if you have any questions about this new program, please contact Associate Dean of Students Dr. Aizaiah Yong by emailing

Quick look

Program Length
Example Courses
72 credits
Available 100% online
Interreligious Dialogue and Leadership
(3 years)
LA-Area Cohort
Preparation for ordination or chaplaincy
Systematic Theology
Free Professional Coaching
Theories and Practices of Spiritual Care
Program Length 72 credits
Modalities Online
Features Available 100% online
Example Courses Interreligious Dialogue and Leadership
Program Length (3 years)
Modalities LA-Area Cohort
Features Preparation for ordination or chaplaincy
Example Courses Systematic Theology
Program Length
Features Free Professional Coaching
Example Courses Theories and Practices of Spiritual Care

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