What are you going to do with your one precious life? Will you be an educator, academic, religious leader, or a new spiritual community builder? Will you knit together an inter-religious neighborhood? Maybe you’ll bring Christian wisdom into conversation with pop culture. Or vice versa. Perhaps there is a new liturgical model brewing in your mind and beating in your heart.

The Interdisciplinary or Comparative Studies track is a flexible path that allows you to focus your vision using academic content and research methods. You will take survey courses in a theological discipline and then distill the learning in a summative exercise designed to unpack and express your ideas in a coherent and actionable master’s thesis, major paper or project. In other words, this degree track is the first step in turning a life dream into live reality.

Interdisciplinary/Comparative Studies Curriculum:

Core Courses – 6 credits 

TIR3001 Interreligious Dialogue and Leadership                                             (3 credits) 

TIR3XXX Elective in Interreligious Studies OR a course in a religious tradition other than one’s own  (3 credits)  

Free Electives – 39 credits 

In consultation with one’s faculty advisor, the student will design a program appropriate to the student’s interests and future career goals. 

Summative Exercise – 3 credits 

TIS3063 Masters’ Summative Exercise (Online only)                                         (3 credits)

The summative exercise, such as a master’s thesis, major research paper, or project, as approved by one’s advisor, must be completed within the final 2 semesters of enrollment.  

TOTAL – 48 credits 

*Deacon’s Orders in The United Methodist Church 

MTS students seeking Deacon’s Orders in the United Methodist Church must complete the following courses (15 credits) as electives or as part of their area of focus: 

TWP3015 Intro to Christian Worship and the Arts                                 3 credits

TDS3001 United Methodist History                                                                   2 credits 

TDS3002 United Methodist Polity                                                                      2 credits

TDS3000 United Methodist Doctrine                                                                2 credits

TDS3039 Christian Evangelism                                                                           3 credits

TDS3045 Christian Mission                                                                                  3 credits 

Some United Methodist conferences require one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education for ordination, which would count for up to 6 academic credits.  Students are strongly recommended to check with their conference regarding this ordination requirement. NOTE: Since these United Methodist classes are only required for ordination and not for graduation, CST considers them “Free Electives” for master’s-level students and therefore can be passed with a grade of D-. However, that may not be sufficient according to the requirements of the Board of Ordained Ministry in a particular Annual Conference. United Methodist students should ask their Annual Conference in advance what grade is considered acceptable for meeting these course requirements. 

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A great theological education dismantles everything you assumed to be “right” and helps you rebuild with true understanding. My CST experience was life-altering. I am changed and on fire to transform the world.
Abigail Clauhs '17